Custom Order Bernadine 2024
Custom Order Bernadine 2024

Custom Order Bernadine 2024

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Includes two cookies per package with ribbon and ingredient label. The cookies will be baked fresh and shipped two day delivery with an arrival date of June 16, 2023 before 1 pm.

Based on the Juneteenth Plaque and Flag cookies (1 set equals 16 individual cookies: 8 plaques/8 flags) available in our Juneteenth Cookie Collection, this order includes 15 sets: 120 plaques/120 flags (240 individual cookies grouped to make 120 packages). FLAVOR: BUTTER VANILLA

Final Cost:

120 sets Juneteenth Cookies @ 3.75 each plus tax: 425.00 : 25.50 = 450.50

Shipping via UPS 2-day Air A.M. is retailing at 181.74 per box.  We can discount the shipping to 80.00 per box for a total of 270.00.

Grand Total: 720.50

Allergens: Milk, Soy, Wheat, Egg.  Our kitchen uses nuts.