Custom Order Sanchez
Custom Order Sanchez
Custom Order Sanchez
Custom Order Sanchez

Custom Order Sanchez

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You will receive 50 individually wrapped custom image cookies with a ingredient label on the back of each bag at 4.50 per cookie AND  24 smaller custom image iced cookies on a sealed tray noting ingredients on the tray label.

Your Order:

  1. The custom book cover cookie is approximately 4 inches x 3 inches. Flavor will be Orange Cardamom.  Each cookie will have a white ribbon tie.
  2. The custom "motor home" cookie is approximately 5 inches x 5 inches. Flavor will be Chocolate. The text "Malachi 4:6" will appear on the license plate AND a "dove" image will be placed near the license plate.  Each cookie will have a white ribbon tie.
  3. The "Dove" cookie will be decorated with white icing and green icing for leaves. It will be approximately 3 inches.  Flavor will be Lemon. Cookies will not be individually wrapped but sealed on a gold tray.

Event Date:  June 1, 2024  Estimated Shipping Date: May 28, 2024  Arrival Date: May 30, 2024. 

Cookies should be kept in a cool dark place or freezer if your location is hot (enough to melt icing). We recommend NOT breaking the shrink-wrapped seal which will keep the cookies extra fresh until your event day.

Your cost: $225.00 (50 x 4.50 each) + $60.00 (24 x 2.50 each) + $17.10 (6% MD tax) = $302.50 + 54.88 (2-Day Shipping UPS. Weight may increase if temperatures are 85 degrees or more due to ice packs)

Grand Total 357.38 (This price includes shipping)

Note: To Protect the cookies from excessive weight possibly causing damage, we may ship in 2 boxes!

Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Milk  We use nuts in our kitchen.