Custom Cookie: Limestone Gumption

Custom Cookie: Limestone Gumption

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You will receive 250 individually wrapped custom image cookies with a ingredient label on the back of each bag at a special discount of 4.00 per cookie.  Our standard price is 4.50 per cookie.  Please be sure to share our standard price with your friends and business associates.

Your custom book cover cookie is approximately 4 inches x 3 inches. Each cookie will have a icing image of the photo provided to us. The photo maybe slightly modified to lighten and sharpen the image. The cookies will be Orange Cardamom (125 green ribbon) and Butter Vanilla (125 black ribbon).  They are baked fresh within a few weeks of you shipping date.  Base icing is marble green and white.

Event Date: April 1, 2023   Shipping Date:  March 24 or 25, 2023

Please keep your cookies in a cool dark place or freeze if your location very warm (enough to melt icing). Try not to break the shrink wrapped seal which will keep the cookies extra fresh. Try not to refrigerate as this may dry them out.

IMPORTANT: We are recommending 2 day shipping (UPS or Federal Express) to avoid any high temperatures and melting.  If temperatures are over 75 degrees, we will pack the boxes with ice packs and seal the box tightly.  WE SET THIS ORDER AS PICK UP BECAUSE UNTIL THE COOKIES ARE PACKED WITH ICE WE CAN'T GET THE EXACT WEIGHT. WE WILL DO ANOTHER CUSTOM ORDER FOR YOUR BALANCE AND SHIPPING COSTS.

Your cost: $1,000.00 (250 x 4.00 each) + $60.00 (6% MD tax) = $1,060.00 + shipping (TBD)


Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Milk  We use nuts in our kitchen.