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Custom Order Bennett
Custom Order Bennett
Custom Order Bennett

Custom Order Bennett

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Your order includes:  1) 60 paper gift bags containing 2 Halloween Horror Villain cookies (assorted)  in each bag.  The bags will have red or black ribbon and  ingredient label on the back.

The Halloween Villains are approximately 3 inches round and will feature our Butter Vanilla flavor with red royal icing and red sprinkles.  Cookies  are baked fresh (and decorated) within the week they are shipped/delivered/picked-up.  We prepare the "from scratch" batters several weeks in advance.

Please keep in mind you may increase your order but you can't decrease your order.  If you must cancel or postpone, we'll be glad to hold the baking production for your new date or for another event.  Cookie dough stays fresh beyond 6  months frozen properly.

Event Date: November 4, 2023                                                                                        Pick Up November 3, 2023 BEFORE 5 PM: 300 E Lombard Street (building closes at 5:00 pm please schedule a pick up time)                                                                               Delivery on November 3, 2023 75.00 (fee goes to the driver for round trip travel).

Please keep your cookies in a cool dark place. Try not to break the shrink wrapped seal on trays which will keep the cookies extra fresh.  All corners are sealed on the boxes - try not to break the seals until event date. We'll give you tester samples.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE SELECT PICK UP AT CHECK OUT REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU RECEIVE YOUR COOKIES.  If you decide on delivery all fees go directly to the driver and is based on distance/time for a round trip. If you decide to ship, we weigh boxes for shipping cost accuracy then create a separate order for just shipping.

Your cost:  120 Halloween Horror Villain Butter Vanilla Sugar Cookies (120 x 3.50) + (6% MD tax). 


Grand Total: 445.20   Payment is due in full.  We begin work immediately.

Allergens: Wheat, Eggs, Milk  We use nuts in our kitchen.