Custom Order Prom Cookies EL Haynes
Custom Order Prom Cookies EL Haynes

Custom Order Prom Cookies EL Haynes

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You will receive 100 individually wrapped custom image cookies with a ingredient label on the back of each bag at 4.50 per cookie. (Discounted from 5.00 per cookie.)

Your custom cookie will have a icing image of the photo suggestion you provided. The image may be slightly modified. Decoration will include silver candy stars and edible glitter.  The cookies will be Lemon flavor (50) and Butter Vanilla flavor (50) with a matching black ribbon. 

Event Date:  May 18, 2024  Estimated Shipping Date: May 13 or 14, 2024   Arrival Date: May 15 or 16, 2024. 

Cookies will arrive heat-sealed on a gold tray and may be kept in a cool dark place or freezer if your location is hot (enough to melt icing). We recommend NOT breaking the shrink-wrapped seal which will keep the cookies extra fresh until your event day.

We HIGHLY recommend UPS 2-Day air A.M. shipping to avoid shipping damage. We also recommend a maximum of 24-25 cookies per box (2 Trays of 12 cookies) to avoid damage to the cookies due to excessive weight.

We estimate 3-4 boxes of cookies roughly 13 lbs per box. UPS 2-Day Air A.M. price is estimated at 188.00.  We discounted your shipping 50.00.

Your cost: $450.00 (100 x 4.50 each) + $27.00 (6% MD tax) = $477.00 + 138.00 2-Day UPS Air A.M. shipping. (Forecast temperatures for DC remain mild/cool with highest estimated at 80 degrees. No ice packs necessary with 2-Day Air A.M. shipping.) 

Grand Total: 615.00 (The price listed on this order is all inclusive. Please note your order is set for "PICK UP" to avoid additional shipping charges.)

Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Milk  We use nuts in our kitchen.