Milkshake Chocolate Chip Cookie

Milkshake Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Minimum order:  1 dozen.  Milkshake Chocolate Chip Cookies are sold in batches of 12 cookies only.  Cookies are priced based on weight with four options available:  3.5 ounces (3.50), 4 ounces (4.00), 5 ounces (4.50) and "NYC" sized 6 ounces (5.00). Cookies are individually wrapped and sealed on a gold tray to maintain freshness.  Event Planners: Cookies are available in large quantities please ask for details. Weekly and Monthly meeting cookie service available.

We love the flavor of a malted milkshake so we made a cookie with a malted milk flavor! Crunchy malted milk balls are added with the chocolate chips! 

SHIPPING: We can ship to you.  Your order is set for PICK UP so we can weigh the box once packed to obtain the most accurate cost for shipping. 

Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Milk, Eggs and we use nuts in our kitchen.