Oink Oink Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oink Oink Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Minimum order:  1 dozen.  Our Oink Oink Chocolate Chip Cookies are sold in batches of 12 cookies only.  Cookies are priced based on weight with four options available:  3.5 ounces (3.75), 4 ounces (4.25), 5 ounces (4.75) and "NYC" sized 6 ounces (5.25). Cookies are individually wrapped and sealed on a gold tray to maintain freshness.  Event Planners: Cookies are available in large quantities please ask for details. Weekly and Monthly meeting cookie service available.

Our “Oink Oink” not only has chocolate chips but also “real” Applewood Smoked Bacon. We cook the bacon then add it to the batter. Maple and bacon.....outstanding!

SHIPPING: We can ship to you.  Your order is set for PICK UP so we can weigh the box once packed to obtain the most accurate cost for shipping. 

Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Milk, Eggs and we use nuts in our kitchen.